Waste Management

Waste management has become a social, environmental and economic necessity. By focusing on reuse and recycling, you save your resources and enter the circular economy.

GDA Environnement, a Samsic subsidiary, supports companies in all aspects of waste management. We help improve your performance, comply with regulations and rally your employees and partners around a universally-accepted concept that can enhance your image.

GDA Environnement's goal is to help you recycle your waste, whatever your sector of activity.

We have an efficient waste management system. After carrying out a rigorous and exhaustive assessment of your waste issues, we propose solutions for optimizing waste streams, recommend the best options in terms of selective sorting and conditioning for recyclable waste.

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To help you recycle your waste, GDA Environnement has developed strict specifications:

  • Consulting and expertise,
  • Overall management of the waste streams,
  • Control of waste treatment, recovery and destruction circuits,
  • Innovation in services and constant search for new value chains,
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement of services.

In order to ensure successful environmental management, GDA Environnement selects the most efficient technology and equipment and offers human resource support that meets your needs, including specialized training, qualified personnel, etc.

With GDA Environnement, you act in favour of sustainable development, improve your competitiveness and ensure the viability of your company.

Waste management
Waste management

GDA Environnement optimizes and recovers all your waste, whether it is common, hazardous or recyclable. Our expertise in waste recovery and destruction processes enables us to offer you the best solutions for your needs.

  • Equipment sales:

Selection and provision of equipment dedicated to waste sorting and conditioning, designed for usability and operator comfort while densifying the materials - outdoor recycling bins, office recycling bins, balers, etc.

  • Waste sales:

Purchase and sale of sorted and packaged waste (Secondary Raw Materials) from international industrial consumers (paper and plastics manufacturers).

  • Waste collection / disposal:

Provision of equipment for the collection, centralization, routing and treatment or destruction of waste (liquid, solid, hazardous or non-hazardous)

Global delegated multi-waste management, with electronic grouped invoicing.

Printing of specific reports.


Grâce à une implantation nationale, nos équipes sont à votre écoute pour tous vos projets de valorisation de déchets. Quelle que soit la problématique, nos collaborateurs sauront apporter une expertise technique et financière en adéquation avec votre secteur d’activité.