Temporary work - Industry

To allow you to focus on managing and growing your industrial business, you can rely on Samsic RH's outsourcing service to source and select your temporary employees.

Thanks to the local presence of our 260 agencies throughout France and our goal to support temporary employees at our customers' sites, our full-service recruitment processes for short-term assignments help you form your production teams quickly and efficiently.

To simplify the process, you have a single contact person who knows your business and the local market, and who knows how to anticipate your needs.

Samsic RH has the expertise needed to support our customers in dealing with their day-to-day issues. We have developed Samsic Indoors, a hosted HR solution, set up at your site.

With this service, our experts are hosted at your company and participate alongside you in managing your staff. You optimize the cost of your recruitment processes.

During the assignment, the action plans are constantly analysed to proactively manage the staff and accurately identify your human resource needs.

But our support does not stop when the assignment ends. The temporary workers are offered the opportunity to take training courses to improve their skills and employability.

Temporary work industry
Temporary work industry

Human resources for specific jobs

  • Processing jobs (metal, glass, wood, plastic)
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Automated machine operators
  • Electrical and electronics jobs
  • Mechanics
  • Process industries
  • Engineers and industry executives


Since 2004, Samsic RH has been supporting industry leaders in developing their performance and staff. Our experts handle the recruitment process for your temporary employees.

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