Samsic Group

Samsic is a Brittany-based, family owned company whose original business is cleaning.

Since 1986, we have constantly enriched our offering by developing a range of services dedicated to facilities and human resources.

Today, present in 23 countries in Europe and beyond, we contribute to the performance of our 23,000 customers by offering them customized services, tailored to their specific needs.

But our greatest assets are our 83,000 employees who work every day to support the well-being and comfort and develop the professional skills of millions of people.

With revenue of €2.1 billion, Samsic is one of the leaders in business services in Europe.

Two complementary solutions empowering people and organizations

With Samsic Facility, we ensure the well-being of building occupants by offering them healthy, safe, welcoming and stimulating working environments - Our Facility Management services include cleaning, security, reception, flex services, environment, green spaces and technical services.

With Samsic RH, we empower our employees by supporting them in developing their career plans - Sourcing, recruitment, mobility, coaching, training, temporary work, HR consulting.

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Our values, at the heart of our DNA

Innovation, customer focus, entrepreneurship, talent and social inclusion are the values that are part of the group's genetic heritage and shared by all our stakeholders. Day to day, these founding values govern our activities and guide us in the pursuit of our ambition to become the leading provider of business services in Europe.

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  • Innovation, because our outstanding services enable us to ensure the well-being of millions of people.
  • Customer focus, because we take their interests to heart in order to offer them the best solutions tailored to their needs.
  • Talent, because developing our employees' skills and employability are the keys to our past and future growth.
  • Social inclusion, because our social responsibility also involves supporting our regions and populations.
  • Entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurial spirit has enabled us to meet the many challenges that have driven our growth.

Our CSR strategy, an organizational cornerstone

We believe that it is our responsibility to help build a better, more inclusive and sustainable world.

Our CSR policy, initiated in 2005 by our support for the Global Compact Principles, has been reinforced with the inclusion of Sustainable Development Goals in our activities. Because our ambition is to achieve growth and progress for all our stakeholders, our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on 4 pillars and 12 commitments.

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Foundation website

To mark the tenth anniversary of its arrival in Spain in 2016, the SAMSIC Group decided to go further in its CSR policies, with the creation of the SAMSIC Foundation.


The foundation’s aims are in line with the commitment to social responsibility and patronage of our parent Group and its shareholders, and are focused on groups of people experiencing situations of dependency.


Since its inception, the Samsic Foundation has embarked on the following social projects and focus areas :

  • Leisure activities to improve the physical and emotional well-being of dependent persons: social and sports activities, such as support at sports and performing arts events, cultural visits and entertainment.


  • Developing social, educational and cultural projects: providing equipment to the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s other activities, in an effort to improve the quality of life of residents and/or users. Provision of recreational and educational equipment. Development of artistic events and theatrical or other types of workshops. Support for occupational therapy tasks.


  • Advertising: with the aim of communicating and raising societal awareness of this group’s challenges, and of the Foundation’s work, various advertising initiatives will be developed.


These contributions bear witness to the unequivocal commitment of the SAMSIC Group to fulfilling its responsibilities towards society in general, and towards all stakeholder groups it works with. These stakeholder groups include the more than 1,000 users and their families cared for by our services, people in situations of dependency or with limited personal autonomy.