Since 2009, Samsic RH, through its iDeas RH unit, has been helping companies manage their human resources. We help our customers find the best candidates, using job boards, social media and specialized websites.

Outsourcing the recruitment process is a real time saver for your HR departments. We post job vacancies, analyse the applications based on your criteria and conduct telephone or videoconference interviews to develop a shortlist. For most of the vacancies, we target qualified candidates on social media.

We provide consulting services and recruitment solutions.

In our recruitment process, we administer online testing to determine the candidate's personality traits and motivation for the position.

This information gives you a first insight into the candidate's personality and talents so you can determine what questions to ask during the interview, for a more efficient interview process.

At the end of each recruitment phase, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the candidate's core competencies.

Our solutions for finding the ideal candidate:

  • HR study:
      • Project analysis
      • Feasibility study
      • Analysis of the working environment in the company
      • Job definition
      • Required experience


  • Sourcing:
      • Posting on job sites and social networks
      • Analysis of CVs and shortlisting
      • Assessment of candidates
      • Access to our CV management interface


  • Validation:
    • Interview with candidates
    • Reference checks
    • Personality tests
    • Applications


Because each recruitment is unique, we assign you a personal consultant to advise you on your projects and expectations. We can send you targeted applications within 48 hours, so you can make your decision and fill the position quickly.

We connect you with the best candidates through our dedicated interface, where you can read the profiles and form an opinion about their qualifications. You retain control over the final decision.