Your green spaces reflect your image and, as such, they deserve to be perfectly maintained and manicured. They represent 2 major challenges: aesthetics, your buildings integrate into the urban or rural landscape, and safety. Your occupants and visitors must be able to access your site safely, regardless of the weather conditions.

Samsic Espaces Verts offers you a wide range of services, including design, development and maintenance of all your green spaces: parks, gardens, terraces, patios, as well as outdoor and indoor floral decorations.

After assessing your outdoor space needs, our experienced teams of Landscape Architects, Decorators and Gardeners design and implement an ecological management plan and an annual review for your site.

Our Agents combine creativity, know-how and methodology to guarantee you aesthetic green spaces, in compliance with your specifications and budget.

Depending on the site, we offer a wide range of landscaping services:

  • Design and development of green spaces: seed lawns or sod lawns, garden beds, plants, automatic irrigation systems, fences and gates, bee hives, etc.
  • Maintenance of green spaces: watering, mowing, pruning, weeding, pesticides, leaf collection, seasonal plants, tree trimming, tree removal, etc.
  • Interior floral design: indoor potted plants, plant design, floral decorations, watering, cleaning, pruning, staking, plant treatment and replacement, etc.
  • Event operations: tailor-made floral designs: Christmas trees and decorations, illuminations, themed decorations, plant rentals, etc.


The ecological management plan that we implement at each site where we work is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility system, based on concrete actions to reduce pesticide use, protect your soil and recycle your waste. We are committed to using approved biodegradable professional products for the maintenance of your spaces and promoting biodiversity.