Tertiary and Head Offices

We deliver solutions for service companies, head offices, banks, insurance companies, IT consulting firms and more. You want to offer your employees and visitors an attractive, pleasant and safe environment. Your performance is built on satisfied users and happy employees.

According to your needs and priorities, we work together to develop a tailor-made offer that is integrated into your processes, going far beyond standard service delivery. To ensure the comfort and peace of mind of the occupants and enhance your brand image, we provide a wide range of services, including receptionists, security agents, maintenance technicians who perform both preventive, curative and predictive maintenance 24/7, proactive cleaning agents and so much more.

And to complete our range of services, Samsic Emploi sources and places the necessary talent to meet your occasional temporary staffing needs: Executive Assistants, Design Engineers, Accountants...

Our innovation unit is constantly looking for new technologies, digital tools and environmentally friendly products in order to offer solutions tailored to new practices.


We run a start-up community that offers us innovative solutions that generate value by improving productivity and quality of life in the workplace.

Tertiary and Head Offices


Samsic creates tailor-made services, aimed at improving workplace quality of life, which drives collective performance. At a time when new business models are emerging, we are constantly adapting to the requirements of professionals in the service sector by upgrading our methods and developing ever more innovative services.