Cities and Transport

We know that well-maintained public spaces and urban transport systems significantly enhance the attractiveness of cities, departments and regions.

Our urban services division, Samsic City, supports cities and public transport operators, through its multi-service offering dedicated to urban synergy. These two complementary areas of expertise ensure the well-being, safety and stress-free experience of urban residents and users: Samsic Environnement for street cleaning, waste management and cleaning and protection of public or private buildings, and Samsic Transport for the maintenance of rolling stock and urban infrastructure.

We provide day-to-day support to all our public, semi-public or private customers, and, via Samsic Emploi, we are able to meet temporary staffing needs by relying on our local agencies, our Samsic Emploi application and the large pool of skills available.

At Samsic, we keep sustainability in mind when maintaining public spaces. From roads to public transport and urban buildings, we offer a unique range of services for all community stakeholders: administrations, businesses, transport, healthcare facilities and housing.

Urban cleaning


Samsic City comprises 9 companies specializing in Urban Cleaning and Sanitation. They employ 1500 people who work mainly in the Paris region and the Lille metropolitan area to ensure the comfort and well-being of residents and users.