Cleaning Industry

Industrial cleaning is subject to strict rules and standards, which is why it must be entrusted to specialists trained in specific operating procedures. Our qualified Agents will contribute to the continuous improvement of your working environment and the quality of your products.

Samsic Propreté's objective is to minimize the risk of disruption to your production. To do this, we take into account the specifics of your business and the organization of your company. Our interventions on your production facility are upstream and in addition to a Total Productive Maintenance system.

In order to enable our customers to respond to occasional extra workloads, Samsic Propreté is backed by Samsic Emploi, known for its great flexibility. Thanks to the geographic proximity to the sites we maintain and the national coverage of the Samsic Emploi agencies, we can provide our customers with quick solutions drawing from a very large pool of skills.

Because customer satisfaction is our priority, we have a QSE system designed for industry that guarantees the quality and traceability of our services. Much more than a service provider, we are committed to enhancing your brand image by constantly monitoring new technologies, regulations and standards, and helping you maintain your production facility, thanks to a special anomaly detection system.

Our customers choose Samsic for the innovative, customized solutions that Samsic Propreté is able to provide.


Regardless of your business sector - automotive, logistics or handling, transport, cement or foundry, mechanics, petrochemicals, metallurgy or steel - we can work with you to create your customized solutions from our wide range of services:

  • Maintenance of production lines: cleaning of ventilation ducts, the interior of production machinery, high-pressure cleaning, suction of oil retention tanks, industrial dust
  • Cryogenic cleaning: dry ice blasting
  • Vapour steam cleaning: vapour steam cleaning uses very little water
  • First level maintenance: changing of oil suction or machining emulsion filters
  • Air hygiene, pest control and waste management: collection, treatment and recycling of common industrial waste, hazardous waste, oil, large volume suction
  • Cleaning of paint booths: cleaning of walls, floors and other special components.
  • Peripheral services: sweeping of production shops, cleaning of walkways, floor scrubbing, dusting of walls, cleaning of structural framing.


Samsic has an integrated management system at all our locations and customer sites.

We have third party certification attesting to the compliance and performance of our system based on several standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Mase: 2014, Cefri-E, on operational issues representative of the requirements of our customers. 


By contracting Samsic to clean your production facility, you are ensuring its durability and value. By controlling your costs, you automatically reduce your investment in equipment.

You can count on Samsic Propreté to provide you with integrated technical expertise through operational, proactive and skilled staff.