Social Welfare Services

For its customers, Samsic Social Welfare Services operates a care model for people who, for reasons of age, illness or disability, or a loss of autonomy, require assistance from another person or persons to perform basis everyday tasks, or who need other support for their personal independence.

Our provision is matched to the needs of our customers, their users and their families, and always focused on providing caring, high quality services. Samsic Social Welfare Support professionals carry out their work to the highest standards of quality, commitment and service to those who need it most.

Samsic has an integrated management model, enabling us to deliver an end-to-end management service at our customers’ premises, always adapting to their requirements and incorporating their values.

Our main customers include residential homes for elderly people, day-care centres and religious institutions. For over 12 years, these customers have been placing their trust in our work and our commitment to people in situations of dependency.

Cleaning services at Care Units and Residential Homes for Elderly People

Cleaning is a fundamental aspect of the sanitation of our customers and our users’ facilities. Maintaining optimum hygiene and disinfection standards at the facilities is vital to the safety of our users and of our workers. This means they are particularly important in critical areas such as dining rooms, bathrooms, corridors, hallways and kitchens.

We design specific protocols that ensure these areas are fully hygienic and disinfected, using specific products and materials that comply with existing regulations and respect the environment.

Services SocioAsistenciales samsic españa
Services SocioAsistenciales samsic españa

Provision of laundry personnel

At residential homes managed by Samsic, we have our own laundry services. Our residents deposit sheets, towels and clothing into individual bags, and we collect them whenever the person requests it, or whenever the cleaning services detect a need.

Samsic is highly attentive to these details and this activity. We judge ourselves by the highest quality and criticality standards set by our customers.

Provision of Nursing Assistants / Carers

Our nursing assistants and carers are health professionals responsible for providing auxiliary care to users, in addition to our services focused on the environment’s sanitary conditions, and have the required training and education, under the supervision of qualified nurses and doctors.

At Samsic, we take special care in selecting the best professionals who are experienced and who see the well-being of elderly people as their vocation. We also ensure they are motivated and benefit from professional and personal development.

Services SocioAsistenciales samsic españa
Services SocioAsistenciales samsic españa

Provision of resident support services

At Samsic, we provide the full range of services focused on the resident’s care, as well as support programs covering areas such as :

  • Cognitive and Motor functions.
  • Adaptive skills.

Through our know-how and our respect for our senior citizens, we have become a benchmark in the care of dependent people.