Food-Processing Industry

We guarantee the traceability of our hygiene process

Hygiene in all products :
from meat to cook-chill foods, from bread to drinks, etc...

The search for productivity and the quality of finished products go hand in hand with a perfect hygiene in FPI. This is why, Samsic Iberia has developed competences and methods appropriate to the specificities of your production.

Our objectives

Using an engineering approach of your needs and a permanent normative monitoring, Samsic Iberia answers all your requirements, and brings you :

  • Appropriate methods, and an operational and functional personnel trained for the cleaning of outdoor and closed areas using either dry or wet process.
  • A control system of bio contamination.
  • The respect of decontamination restraints linked with hygiene.
  • A quality system providing the traceability of its services.
Samsic Iberia, Entreprise de propreté et de nettoyage industriel
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