Samsic Iberia

Samsic Iberia

Cleaning, a specialist profession

Samsic Iberia results from the merger of the Bisonte, Elurra, Compasa and Lending Service companies in 2006.

Joined in April 2007 by Lianca and Lumen. Now, Samsic Iberia offers his customers a national coverage.

Samsic Iberia has established itself as one of the leading players in quality services with local services in several areas of competence such as :

  • Services,
  • Food Industry,
  • Industry,
  • Ultracleaning,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Health in sanitary,
  • medico-social sector
  • Building...

Samsic Iberia has surrounded itself with 4 000 partners specialized in each activity field and has produced a 46 million euro turnover.

Samsic Iberia, Entreprise de propreté et de nettoyage industriel

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